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Jamal Murray Earns Respect in Toronto, CIA Bounce Capture U15 Jane & Finch Championship!

TORONTO,ONJamal Murray has officially earned his stripes. The 2016 6’3 PG lead CIA Bounce to a 79-52 victory over PHASE 1, while collecting MVP honours in the process. The young talent hails from Kitchener, however proved to the Toronto basketball community that he is the real deal.
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Sonny Says: Roger Murray Speaks On Son Jamal

This weekend in Toronto is the Jane and Finch tournament. It was two years ago at the Jane and Finch tourney where 2016 Jamal Murray of Kitchener, ON broke out on the scene nationally after his sizzling performance doing this, that and the third from everywhere on the court.
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Jane & Finch Increase The Peace Classic Info & More

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Uptown 416 Claim Jane And Finch Classic, New Prospects Discovered!

Physicality can never be understated.

It is a layered trait, one that converts through multiple levels within a basketball game.

Yesterday, for the U13 finals at the Jane and Finch Classic, Uptown 416 was simply more physical then Canada Elite, leading to a 55-43 victory.

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The Uprise of Anthony McNish, Dominant Day 1 at Jane & Finch Classic

Historically, this tournament dates back to 1978, held at Westview C.S. and Humber College during the vibrant 80’s and later solely at Westview C.S. in the 90’s. In the new millennium, the Jane and Finch tournament changed venues from local schools in the community to York University and was clearly the best tournament in the city.
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